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Atelier Dürrenfeld Geitel

Körnerstr. 71, 50823 Köln,
Ko?rnerstraße: U 3, 4

Tobias Hoffmann Trio

Tobias Hoffmann – E-Gitarre
Banjo Frank Schönhofer – E-Bass
Etienne Nillesen – Schlagzeug

Tobias Hoffmann's new trio sounds like an all-star party of bygone days: jazz heroes Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman raise their glasses whilst pieces by rock legends Cream, The Ventures, Captain Beefheart and Bob Dylan are played, the influence of blues ubiquitous.

Nangialai Nashir – klassische Gitarre
„The Oriental Guitar“

This programme of works from the Middle East shows how the influence of western music can be discovered in Sufi music, from the music of the Renaissance to contemporary art music and jazz.

Le Parnasse Musical
„Es war einmal ... eine Gitarre zum Streichen!“

Martin Burkhardt – Arpeggione
Tatjana Vorobjova – Tafelklavier (Preston 1810)

Domestic music-making in 1825: two instruments common at that time but unusual today are the arpeggione – developped from the guitar but played with a bow – and the square piano. Works by Franz Schubert and others will be performed at the Musiknacht.


Radek Stawartz – Violine
Thomas Glaesser – Digital-Keyboard
Simon Camatta – Schlagzeug
Achim Tang – Kontrabass, Komposition

The city of Moers's ex-„Improvisor in Residence“ Achim Tang presents together with his quartet a very personal mixture of short compositions and improvisations. This unusual combination of double bass, violin, percussion and digital keyboard take Tang's sketches as their starting-point and enliven them with creative spin and innovative rhythms.