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The M.M.V.P.
„Inner Asylum

Alte Feuerwache
Melchiorstraße 3, 50670 Köln

Mik @ aka Michael Schuppin – Sequenzer, Sampler, SFX
Violadelay aka Viola Diesbach – Synthesizer, SFX
Telle und Wahn aka Björn Thiemann – Videor

Roughly twenty years ago, Sound Artist Mik @ aka Michael Schuppin set up his project „The M.M.V.P.“ to record electronic music as a soundtrack to the films playing in his head. Since these flicks would be dominated by quotidian- and therefore quite bizarre story lines, his timbral vocabulary would continuously shift. For his latest effort, „Inner Asylum“, dominated by Dark Ambient and Industrial, he has decided to call in some help: Violadelay aka Viola Diesbach, a musical ally since 2006, joins on Synthesizer with French Video artists Telle and Wahn (aka Björn Thiemann) complementing the ranks. In this constellation, Mik @ will focus on a singularly important social issue: „Over the past decades, the theme of solitude has taken on a prominent position. You could almost come to believe that not feeling lonely among other people were a form of art in its own right. Inner Asylum will constitute a voyage into your private world, with sounds, rhythmical structures and images delineating an inner topography.”