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Melchiorstraße 3, 50670 Köln

Angela Koppenwallner
„Lebenslust und Totentanz“

Angela Koppenwallner – Cembalo

The „Totentanz“-variations by Hamburg-based composer Andreas Schultz are impressive musical representations of a series of wood engravings from the middle ages. Their message: Be they beggar or king – death will come for everyone eventually. Austrian Cembalo-player Angela Koppenwallner is now paying homage to Schulz’s piece and counterpointing it with passionate, richly ornamented and very much alive dances. These will include the Cembalo composition „Kantate” by Latvian composer Peteris Vasks as well as the Suite by great French Baroque composer François Couperin. Angela Koppenwallner studied the Cembalo with Siebe Henstra in Utrecht and with Ketil Haugsand in Oslo. Today, she works as an assistant lecturer in the field of Cembalo and Clavichord at the „Mozarteum“ in her place of birth Salzburg.

Bettina Wenzel und Heimo Wallner
„Luft & Getöse“

Bettina Wenzel – Stimme, Video;
Heimo Wallner – Trompete, aufblasbare Skulptur

Cologne-based Bettina Wenzel and Austrian Heimo Wallner have made a name for themselves as a wondrous team of experimental tightrope-walkers. Since 2000, Bettina Wenzel has developed intermedial performances as part of her work as a composer, voice-artist and improviser, making use of both dance and video. Her oeuvre focusses on the complex interaction between these three forms of expression (Voice/ Dance/ Video). Wallner, meanwhile, has been a frequent guest at galleries and museums worldwide thanks to his fearless cross-border perspective. For the intermedial concert-performance „Luft & Getöse“ („Air and roar“), he now adds the Trumpet to the equation. The duo researches air noises as a side effect of sounds produced by Voice and Trumpet and in relation to inflatable objects and their particular sonic characteristics. Using a miniature camera and video, Wenzel and Wallner create astounding shifts in perspectives, outwardly projecting their innermost visions. It is a playful method of demonstrating the mutual acoustic and visual correlation between different media.


„wii wie winken“

Peter Behrendsen, Volker Hennes, Hannes Hölzl, hans w. koch, Joker Nies

Put five experts on electro-acoustics, computer-controlled sounds, live-performances and mixed-media installations together and you’ll end up with an unprecedented set somewhere between high technology, high voltage and lo-fi electronics. Mysteriously entitled „wii wie winken” (wii is for waving), Hans W. Koch and his Quintet’s program for the Musiknacht will feature a plethora of computer-controlled and circuit-bent magic wands as well as several sheets of white paper. Peter Behrendsen, Volker Hennes, Hannes Hölzl and Joker Nies will be adding spatial surprises, while Hans W. Koch prefers working with unbreakable, ephemeral pottery.

www.hans-w-koch.net; www.aktivraum.de

Fabienne Carlier und Radek Stawarz

Fabienne Carlier – Flügel, diatonisches Akkordeon, Gesang; Radek Stawarz – Geige

You could get dizzy summing up every single musical activity Belgian-born Fabienne Carlier excells in. Not content with dedicating herself exclusively to her talents as a composer and poet, she is also a colourfully voiced, expressive singer as well as an Accordeon- and Piano-virtuoso with an avid desire of bringing out the best in chansons. Despite the archetypical French-ness of the genre, her both touching and humourous songs are a reflection of modern life in general and of living in Germany in particular – her country of choice since 1992. Taking the great tradition of the Chanson as her point of departure, she seamlessly integrates elements of Jazz and contemporary Pop into her music, benefiting from the support of her duo-partner Radek Stawarz and his intuitive, rhythmical Violin-style. Combining French originals, their own songs, instrumentals and soundtrack work with related stories, the two-piece now invites you to „Amélie-mélo“, their personal program for this year’s Musiknacht.


The M.M.V.P.
„Inner Asylum

Mik @ aka Michael Schuppin – Sequenzer, Sampler, SFX
Violadelay aka Viola Diesbach – Synthesizer, SFX
Telle und Wahn aka Björn Thiemann – Videor

Roughly twenty years ago, Sound Artist Mik @ aka Michael Schuppin set up his project „The M.M.V.P.“ to record electronic music as a soundtrack to the films playing in his head. Since these flicks would be dominated by quotidian- and therefore quite bizarre story lines, his timbral vocabulary would continuously shift. For his latest effort, „Inner Asylum“, dominated by Dark Ambient and Industrial, he has decided to call in some help: Violadelay aka Viola Diesbach, a musical ally since 2006, joins on Synthesizer with French Video artists Telle and Wahn (aka Björn Thiemann) complementing the ranks. In this constellation, Mik @ will focus on a singularly important social issue: „Over the past decades, the theme of solitude has taken on a prominent position. You could almost come to believe that not feeling lonely among other people were a form of art in its own right. Inner Asylum will constitute a voyage into your private world, with sounds, rhythmical structures and images delineating an inner topography.”